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    Ladies how about a little advice please in yazd

    Depending on the whole I usually buy either Tired Planet or Bradt. The become really is a right site, it is often discovered on the thoughts promoting Iran and it as is there for a above. And honestly I through it will be much reveal. I can deal World Nomads that show the insurance dedicated to travelers may like you and me.

    You pleease have bare arms everyone was wearing long sleeves and your legs should be covered till ankles however the feet can be bare. I was wearing skinny jeans and it was totally fine. You need to follow these rules from the moment you step out of the plane till the moment you board the plane again. There were days when it was pretty challenging to wear all that clothes when it was really hot outside but well, there was nothing I could do about that, I just accepted these rules.

    And honestly I expected it will be much worse! Ladies how about a little advice please in yazd headscarf kept me cool from the sun and it fell down only few times but, surprisingly enough not when I was sleeping in the bus. When by accident my arm was seen a helpful women on the streets rearranged my outfit so I looked fine again. For Ladiws two Laries after littel Iran I kept checking if my headscarf is on, you get used to it pretty fast and become somehow obsessed with keeping it on your head. I always use and trust following websites: Flights — I search for the best yaze on either Momondo or SkyScanner. Both search numerous sites to find the best offers. Accommodation — I always book my accommodation thgrough Booking.

    I also value them for a really good customer service that I had to use few times. Unfortunately at the moment Booking is not available in Iran but I use it everywhere else. I can recommend World Nomads that offer the insurance dedicated to travelers just like you and me. Check the insurance options for your trip here! Guide books — I do like reading a guide book before and during the trip. Depending on the destination I usually buy either Lonely Planet or Bradt. You can get your guidebooks for Iran here: I really enjoyed it, felt very safe for all the time and can only recommend it to everyone! If you think of visiting Iran now is the time to go as the country and especially its politics is changing and soon might become just another tourist destination.

    Would you like to visit Iran? Would you dare to travel solo there? If you enjoyed that post why don't you share it with your friends? That would mean so much to me! Also be sure to join One of the most beautiful mosques in Iran The next day was spent discovering the old part of Jazd. Just few steps away from the hotel I had Masjid-e Jame, one of the greatest mosques you can see in Iran! It is known especially for its minarets — the highest one in the country.

    Solo female travel in Iran

    Lirtle the building lihtle pretty spectacular inside as well, the mosaics are breathtaking! When I visited the place, around noon, it was full of tour groups from Europe and few Iranian arvice painting. But then I came back in the evening, around 9p. It was amazing, one of my best moments in Iran! I wandered around, focused on every single jn I could see and eventually spent good half an hour just sitting there, staring at the mosque and contemplating the silence. It was a pure magic! Getting lost in the old part of Yazd Lonely Planet has a walking tour around the old town in Yazd and I was willing to take it. But it took me maybe two minutes before I got lost in the maze of narrow street with arches.

    They were extremely picturesque and charming but still, most of them look just the same. I accidentally came across some nice corners like a miniature of Amir Chakhmaq Complexfound my route from the guide, then lost it again. Wandering aimlessly around was a bliss, definitely the best thing to do in Yazd!

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