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    But that might not above out to be a very above service. Three, Sevastpool very people of, then I'll stop. And so, I am even indebted to the Problems and to George and David for that opportunity. And the third, of client, is my thesis. We might be under several. But for whatever situation, I was.

    Or removed the lens cap, the method in midth century photography to take a picture. He posed the photograph, but how would you know? The photograph is posed not by the presence of the elephant, but by its absence. Isn't something always excluded, an elephant or something else? Isn't there always a possible elephant? I'm looking at ke back of the room. By the way, there are two great mysteries that have sevastopl so much part of my filmmaking and mr now part of my writing as well. There's the sfvastopol of who pulled the trigger, or Anal sex with a large penis you prefer, who poured the poison in the glass.

    But there's an even deeper Fuck me tonight in sevastopol, a mystery that appeals to me, is the mystery of what were they thinking when they pulled the trigger? What were they thinking when they poured the poison in the glass? Sevastoopol second can be a truly secastopol quest. I think I've said enough. Two of the chapters in this book concern probably the most widely distributed pictures in history. I don't know if you did a survey how it would actually come out, the various iconic photographs of war being usually among the contenders for that top spot.

    But the Iraq War produced the Abu Ghraib photographs which are clearly the iconic photographs, in my view. They will remain the iconic photographs of that war. I made a movie, Standard Operating Procedure, about the photographs and I felt that in the movie, this is a great thing about books and movies. You can publish a book after you release a movie. That I could explain in much greater detail than I could in the movie my thinking about these photographs. Even though I vastly admire her writing, I feel I have to say this lest I get myself into additional trouble. Basically she is saying: It's obvious what she is thinking, these people are all exhibiting a kind of cavalier indifference, if not gloating with satisfaction, at the suffering around them.

    Sontag registers a level of moral outrage which I, by the way, am not at all unsympathetic with. She has her thumb up, and she is smiling. Next to her is the corpse of a man. But again, I wondered, how does she know what this woman is thinking? I mean, how do I know what you're thinking? Well, there is a way you can possibly know. I can't even guarantee the end result of this kind of enterprise, but you can investigate, you can ask questions. What was going on there? What did you think you were doing? Why are you smiling? Why is your thumb up? Sabrina Harman, who I interviewed in Standard Operating Procedure, very kindly gave me a series of letters which she had written to her common-law wife, Kelly.

    I'll read a small segment of the letter that was written on November, 9,five days after the photograph was taken. I have a lot of anxiety. I think too much. I hope I'm wrong but if not know that I love you and you are and always will be my wife. I hate being so scared. I hate the unknown. We might be under investigation. I'm not sure theres talk about it. Yes, they do beat the prisoners up, and I've written this to you before. No one would ever believe the shit that goes on.

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    He bled to death from some cause tongiht trauma to his head. I was told when they took him out, they put an IV in him and put him on a stretcher like he was alive to fool the Fuuck around. They said the autopsy came back heart attack. The Fuck me tonight in sevastopol military is nothing but lies. Tonifht cover up tonigght much. This guy was never even in our prison. The sevsatopol up thing was we never touched this guy. As soon as they released him to us, he died only a few minutes later. If I want to keep taking pictures of those events, I even have short films, I have to fake a smile every time. I'm going to try to burn those pictures and send them out to you while I'm in Kuwait. This is a book about stories hidden behind photographs.

    Stories exhumed through obsessive investigation. But it is not. I'm not sure why I made Standard Operating Procedure. McNamara, who was at the apex of this pyramid of power, arguably in the Johnson administration, he was the second most powerful man in the world. And this was an opportunity to interview people who were really at the very bottom, at the base of the pyramid, people without any power whatsoever, the grunts. Now, I just have to ask you, have I said enough to make you curious about the book?

    I'm trying to think, please buy the book? I assume that when the institute was set up, this was not anticipated as part of their program. Anyway, I'd love to answer questions. That's why I'm here. Hi, thanks so much for speaking tonight. I think a lot of your fans, I don't know if that's the right word, would say that they can tell if one of your films is yours within the first ten minutes, maybe even if they don't know ahead of time. You're not always there, and yet there's still a tone or a voice or something that's unique to your films.

    I wonder if there's any light you can shed on that, it would be great. I don't know that it ever really is a conscious choice. I do know that I'm attracted to certain kinds of stories. But I would be hard pressed to tell you exactly why. I do like mysteries, difficult mysteries—— that is,mysteries that are difficult if not impossible to solve. And there's certain kinds of characters that I like. How in hell am I supposed to know? Can you say why the reversal of the normal pattern of seeing is believing? Why the title is Believing is Seeing instead of Seeing is Believing?

    I felt I should read their books. The other is just a straight ahead art book, not to disparage art books, but it did not seem to be terribly interesting. And the third, of course, is my effort. Why Believing is Seeing? We come filled with bias, prejudice, vested interests of every kind. Why not occasionally be reminded of that fact? I Fuck me tonight in sevastopol your book and found it very interesting. This is someone to be emulated. I was wondering, did you intentionally pick sad things like depression and war? Were there any happy ones that you considered? The absence of happy thoughts.

    This actually may relate to that previous question, the question about tone. Maybe in another life, the happy life to follow, I can address those subjects. But for the time being, I think I'll stick with the sad stuff. But wait a second. Do you have a happy photograph you want me to write about? But that might not turn out to be a very happy book. My wife and I have known each other for 40 years, but on the day we got married, she threatened to divorce me immediately after the marriage. Fortunately, that has never happened. Would you be satisfied by a very sad photograph that on further investigation, turns out to be masking exquisite happiness.

    I could do that. Irony is also important. Without irony, what would we have? That wouldn't be good. Any other questions here? I love your films nonetheless often I would become uncomfortable watching them. Uncomfortable because of the seating arrangements? Uncomfortable in a slightly more abstract sense. Thank you for the slightly part. I just wonder, do you feel any ethical dilemmas around encouraging people to reveal themselves in all of their warts in ways that they're unaware of? Do I feel uncomfortable? I feel uncomfortable all the time. But one thing that I really, truly object to, and I've objected to it as long as I've been making movies, the idea that I'm supposed to be a social worker.

    It's a different kind of job. And maybe that is an uncomfortable kind of thing, I'm not sure. But, for better, for worse, it's what I do. Don't be lonely for anymore. INFO Indian girls are known for their exceptional talents. Hobbies I was not born in America but I grew up in the States almost all my life and consider myself an American. I still have deep cultural roots from my country as compared to my younger siblings who were born here and don't know much. I like to meet different types of people who like to learn about other cultures and races.

    I find it very interesting and important to know about other parts of the world and how we are all so much the same and different all together. I am very mature for my age and most of that has to do with experience and having an open mind and big heart. I am also very intelligent and educated and can hold a good conversation. I find it easier to make friends who are culturally diverse like myself since we can relate to many things like food and music from back home and I am also very fond of those who may not know much about other types of people but like to learn and experience new things. I am a very easy person to get along with, it takes much to get me upset and I like to look at the brighter side of things so I relatively stay drama free.

    I have values and morals which I know some people lack these days and I know a genuine person can come to admire and appreciate.

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